Coordinating partners: VT Agriculture Innovation Center, VT Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont and UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Friday, April 22, 2011

2011 Meat Producer & Processor Workshop Series

As the demand for Vermont's high quality meats has grown, it has placed additional pressure on meat production and processing infrastructure.  Balancing changes in seasonal demand, adding value to improve the bottom line, understanding and communicating options to butcher for different audiences, managing forage for consistent products and scaling up production to serve wholesale markets are all aspects of a complicated system.  It's not easy to understand all of the pieces to this puzzle. Each partner brings different perspectives and needs.

This four-part workshop series will focus on different topics and locations with one important general theme: the more producers, processors and partners work together on the challenges, the better we will be able to take advantage of the increasing opportunities to sell Vermont meats to neighbors in town, within the state and regionally.

Most events are FREE for those preregistering and include lunch. Some events do have additional fees for attendance or lunch so please check individual event listing for cost. Register online by clicking on the links to the right, or by calling one of the series organizers.

**please note: while beef production is a key focus through the series, all livestock farmers are encouraged and very welcome to participate.**